What Africa can teach the world about the role of data in education transformation

The African programs supported by NewGlobe, underpinned by real-time data gathering, consistently demonstrate substantial learning gains through evidence-based improvements. If these kinds of results could be replicated at scale across public systems, students across the globe could see huge learning gains, pushing countries up education league tables to match those with incomes three or four times greater per person, and further strengthening countries with robust systems.

The EKOEXCEL Situation Room: Unlocking the potential of visual data in education

The Situation Room highlights a NewGlobe program called Spotlight, which monitors real-time data, presenting it in a way that is easy to understand and focuses on key education indicators. With this, Lagos State education officials have transparency and oversight of the ongoing transformative educational interventions in EKOEXCEL schools.

International Women’s Day 2022 – A chance to challenge gender norms and recover learning losses in girls’ education.


This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) is more important than ever for promoting female participation in education, following two years of school closures across the globe. Girls’ education has suffered disproportionately. The COVID pandemic not only caused catastrophic learning losses from being out of school, but many girls have never returned to the classroom. This […]

EdoBEST 2.0 reform: A new chapter for Edo State Universal Basic Education

EdoBEST group picture

The expansion of the EdoBest Government-led program is now reaching junior secondary schools and progressive schools. The global disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened learning poverty and exacerbated inequalities around the world. According to The World Bank, lockdown measures impacted more than 1.6 billion pupils. Yet, while some states struggled to provide high-quality education, others […]

Transformative learning: For the many, not the few

The quickest path to public school improvement may be through a better understanding of successful and equitable schools. Equitable schools succeed with all students, not just those with the most skills or most privilege. A new study proves NewGlobe methods accelerate learning for all students, especially those predicted to struggle the most academically. This study, […]

Only system change can save global education

Antonio Guterres is right – education systems are failing and need wholesale transformation The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly – UNGA77 as it is universally known – has faced a great deal of urgent business. War in Ukraine, global food prices, energy prices, climate change. So it’s instructive that the UN Secretary-General […]

Teachers Transform: Teaching is the most important job in the world

Teaching is the most important job in the world. The quality of any nation’s education cannot exceed the quality of its educators. Yet, in many low and middle-income countries, the profession is in critical condition. UNESCO estimates a shortfall in teachers in sub-Saharan Africa alone of 15 million. Worse, teachers struggling to help students have little […]