Learning Collaborative

Learning Collaborative

NewGlobe’s Learning Collaborative was founded on a desire to further learning at scale and contribute to the public good.

The Learning Collaborative is composed of leading academics, scholars, educators, and institutions.

It researches applied work in schools that will drive learning for children at a state and national scale and contribute to a global understanding of how children learn.

The Learning Collaborative conducts large-scale, randomized A/B testing to compare different approaches to instructional design and academic programming.

The studies undertaken by the Learning Collaborative are based upon a real-time analysis of challenges hindering pupil achievement or a desire to contribute to the academic understanding of theories that the broader education community is examining.

Applied Research At Scale

The Process

Research Context

Education ThinkTank

NewGlobe’s education think tank is known as The Learning Collaborative. It focuses on applied research in schools to drive learning at scale and contribute to the public good.
The academics and researchers that form the Learning Collaborative have been studying and publishing on how students learn for well over a decade