Adaptive Instructional Content

NewGlobe’s experience and application of the science of learning provides teachers with scientifically-based pedagogy, adapted to the needs of their students. Instruction based upon the latest research on effective teaching practice and informed by learning outcomes analysis conducted over a decade produces highly effective content bespoke for national curricula.

Teaching guides are designed using highly-researched scope and sequence, ensuring concepts are taught with the right rigor, repetition and sequencing. Lesson plans offer clear measurable goals for teachers and expected outcomes for students. All instruction is targeted to maximise learning, practice and feedback grounded in extensive research on the most effective use of class time. 

NewGlobe’s revolutionary and continuous approach to short-cycle randomized control trials enable teacher guides to be continually iterated upon, using one billion annual data points a year.

 The same scientifically rooted approach underpins the design and production of millions of pages of print materials that are integrated with the teacher guide content to ensure a truly homogenous learning experience bridging analog and digital approaches. 

Scientifically-Based Digital Teacher Guides Aligned to National Curriculum

  • Combining over a decade of analysis of learning outcomes and the latest scientific research on effective teaching practice, digital teacher guides provided the most effective support for teachers.
  • Each digital teacher guide is adapted to the national curriculum and there is a specific one for every grade level, subject and day.
  • Starting from a country’s curriculum, teacher guides incorporate the most effective strategies for children with diverse abilities and modes of learning to master each concept within a country’s syllabus.  
  • Digital teacher guides enable each concept to be taught with appropriate rigor, repetition and sequencing. 
  • Each Teacher Guide is extensively tested for scaffolded explanation and reflection with questions and feedback incorporated for the highest levels of student engagement. Teacher guides include small group practice for student centered activity and learning collaboration. Fifty per cent of lesson time in each guide is reserved to enable teachers to provide positive and targeted feedback to students.

Continuously Adapted Instruction Based on Pre-Eminent Platform for Real-Time Learning 

  • NewGlobe leverages more than 1 billion data points annually to continually adapt the instructional design on its platform for real-time learning.
  • Collaborating with some of the world’s leading education researchers and institutions on real-time learning, NewGlobe deploys an unprecedented approach of continuous short-cycle randomized control trials (RCTs) to determine the efficacy of pedagogical strategies designed to drive accelerated student learning outcomes.  
  • The insights derived from treating learning as a science, are incorporated into the continuous adaptation of the instructional materials used in all grade levels and subjects.

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NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems