Teacher induction training

In many low and middle-income countries, the teaching workforce is critically undersupported. “Many teachers do not have access to quality training and continuous professional development throughout their careers” UNESCO.


The strength of an education system is entirely dependent upon its teaching workforce. Improving learning outcomes for students is dependent upon strengthening and supporting those in the teaching profession effectively.

Every teacher and school leader in an education program supported by NewGlobe benefits from scientifically-based, in-person multi-day intensive training at the very beginning of every program.


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How It Works

New Delhi, India

NewGlobe in New Delhi has shared services teams, including Marketing, Academics, Talent Acquisition, Policy & Advocacy, and New Opportunities. 

The Marketing team develops and executes strategic marketing initiatives, while the Academics team focuses on effective instructional design as well as high-quality educational content.

The Talent Acquisition team ensures NewGlobe India attracts and retains top talent, while the Policy and Advocacy team liases with stakeholders that support the organization’s mission. They all work closely with offices around the globe to optimize operations across the organization. 

Hyderabad, India

NewGlobe operates shared services teams in Hyderabad, with a focus on transforming education in under-resourced communities. 

The teams include Technology (Software Development, IT Operations, etc.), Academics (Instructional Design, Production), People, Talent Acquisition, and Finance. Through their collaboration, NewGlobe effectively delivers high-quality education to remote and marginalized populations across India.