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Visionary governments invest in the transformation of public education. They know that doing so unlocks enormous potential, empowering populations to create economic growth, deliver security and drive development.

NewGlobe supports national and state governments by creating powerful technology-enabled education systems. An education expert and leader in learning, NewGlobe has unequalled experience in dramatically transforming educational outcomes at speed and at scale. Education is a science. NewGlobe has an unprecedented ability to gather and apply data-driven learning improvements across every aspect of the education system, providing a strong foundation for today’s youth and tomorrow’s future.

November 20th is World Children’s Day. The UN calls it a day “ to advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights.” And key among those is the right to education.Superficially, states have made great progress in ensuring this right is realized. Decades of enrollment drives mean that around 90% of primary-age children are in school.

Learning Collaborative

NewGlobe’s education think tank is known as The Learning Collaborative. It focuses on applied research in schools to drive learning at scale and contribute to the public good. The academics and researchers that form the Learning Collaborative have been studying and publishing on how students learn for well over a decade

Transformative Learning

Solutions To Learning Poverty

2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer’s ground-breaking study confirms learning gains among the largest ever measured in international education. The impact of NewGlobe’s methodology is among the greatest of any rigorously studied intervention in emerging markets.

A powerful technology enabled system

NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems