Digital Learning Platform

NewGlobe’s cloud-based technology platform provides a central operating system to support improved education systems. Optimized for low infrastructure environments with intermittent power and low network connectivity, NewGlobe’s technology platform was developed from the ground-up to power system transformation at scale. 

All school leaders and teachers are equipped with a specially-designed tablet running a proprietary suite of learning management applications connected to NewGlobe services in the cloud.

The technology enables continuous real time data analysis at a micro and macro level within all education systems, enabling an iterative approach to learning and improvement.

The platform processes more than one billion data points every year, enabling a digital feedback loop that drives continuous improvement and learning outcomes. Every aspect of the design is intended to leverage the science of learning.

Digital Support Platform

  • Digital teacher guides are published to each teacher tablet as part of a digital schedule, providing comprehensive instructional guidance for all subjects and grade levels every day. 
  • Digital Teacher guides are designed based upon cutting edge pedagogical research focused on the science of learning.
  • Teachers preview, practise and deliver all lessons leveraging the instructional guidance on their tablet in the classroom. 
  • The technology enables world-class quality lessons, specifically designed to maximize learning to be delivered in every classroom, every day by all teachers.
  • The NewGlobe technology platform incorporates an instructional design, scope, sequence and schedule for each teacher These are continually adjusted and re-aligned to maximize learning informed by the ongoing analysis of data emerging within the system.

Real-time Monitoring of Learning Delivery and Outcomes

  • The NewGlobe technology platform processes more than one billion data points every year, enabling a digital feedback loop that drives continuous improvement and learning outcomes.
  • Feedback on learning delivery, student learning outcomes, attendance and other key indicators is provided to teachers, school leaders, government officials and central support teams, who can then make policy and learning decisions based on real time data. 

Digitally Transparent Educational Dashboards

  • The NewGlobe technology platform creates real-time digital transparency throughout the entire education system. Through mobile dashboards, all stakeholders can access digital insights on exactly what is happening including lesson delivery, attendance and learning outcomes on a micro and macro level.
  • Government policy decisions on all aspects of the education system are guided by real time learning and performance data.

Mobile School Management Platform

  • School leaders use a smartphone-based school management application to manage student and teacher performance and attendance, classroom observations and administrative functions.
  • The NewGlobe technology platform empowers school leaders to manage their classrooms and schools locally and transparently while benefiting from central office support.
  • The mobile school management platform drives accountability and transparency within classrooms and schools; on a micro and macro level.

Full-service Hardware and Software Support

  • NewGlobe provides full local turnkey support of all hardware and software used to deliver education system improvement.
  • All hardware is built to be fully effective in physically demanding environments exposed to dust, dirt and harsh sun exposure.

Optimized Infrastructure for variable-infrastructure environments

  • NewGlobe’s technology platform has been designed from the ground up and tested for over a decade to operate successfully in variable or  low infrastructure environments where there is intermittent power and low network connectivity.
  • NewGlobe’s system is designed with multiple levels of data caching and offline first capability which works even when network access is limited to just 20 minutes a day of 2G connectivity.
  • The hardware utilized by teachers are designed to be ‘offline first’ with a battery life of two weeks of continuous usage. The hardware and software can be used across entire states and nations, even in communities where access to electricity is sporadic.

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NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems