Digital Learning Platform

NewGlobe’s cloud-based technology platform provides a central operating system to support improved education systems. Optimized for low infrastructure environments with intermittent power and low network connectivity, NewGlobe’s technology platform was developed from the ground-up to power system transformation at scale.

All school leaders and teachers are equipped with a specially-designed tablet running a proprietary suite of learning management applications connected to NewGlobe services in the cloud.

The technology enables continuous real time data analysis at a micro and macro level within all education systems, enabling an iterative approach to learning and improvement.

The platform processes more than one billion data points every year, enabling a digital feedback loop that drives continuous improvement and learning outcomes. Every aspect of the design is intended to leverage the science of learning.

Digital Support Platform

Real-time Monitoring of Learning Delivery and Outcomes

Digitally Transparent Educational Dashboards

Mobile School Management Platform

Full-service Hardware and Software Support

Optimized Infrastructure for variable-infrastructure environments

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NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems