One billion data points a year are leveraged by NewGlobe’s pedagogical research engine. These data points underpin education ecosystems that drive equity of learning, irrespective of socioeconomic background.

Transformative Learning

Solutions To Learning Poverty

2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer’s ground-breaking study confirms learning gains among the largest ever measured in international education. The impact of NewGlobe’s methodology is among the greatest of any rigorously studied intervention in emerging markets.

The EdoBEST Effect

An initial study showed after one term students learned more, spent more time learning, worked harder, and experienced a more positive classroom environment and that girls in EdoBEST schools outperformed all other students. Results indicated students had equivalent 54% more schooling in English and 71% more schooling in maths, learning in one term what would have normally been learnt in 1 year.


A midline study of learning outcomes in Lagos state. In 7 weeks, students in EKOEXCEL public schools advanced in numeracy twice as fast and in literacy three times as fast as their peers.

Learning in Lagos

A study by DFiD and Oxford Policy Management showed that in NewGlobe schools, there is equity of learning. The schools are places of equal opportunity and equal learning benefits for all types of children. Parental income, parental education and speaking English at home has no correlation to students’ academic performance.

Learning in Liberia

A three year study of the Bridge Liberia program showed that 81% of students who joined a Bridge Liberia school in the first grade and spent 2½ years in class are proficient or basic readers; compared to only 33% of students in traditional public schools.

The Cairneagle Report

An Impact, feasibility and transferability report that explores how the NewGlobe methodology has been successful in driving up education outcomes in low infrastructure communities around the world.

A powerful technology enabled system

NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems