360 Degree Support

The structure of NewGlobe’s 360-degree support teams is designed to deliver rapid and tangible learning transformation across education systems. 

Improving education systems is urgent and NewGlobe is designed to effect change urgently. 

Large scale local tech-enabled expert teams are swiftly put in place across back office and field-based support functions to ensure government programmes are deployed and effective immediately at scale. All programmes are positioned to be operationally effective quickly precisely because of this innovative and flexible structure.

Field-Based Quality Assurance and Back-Office Support Teams

  • A comprehensive network of field-based and central support teams are built around each education system and the teachers within it. This network ensures that the transformation succeeds on the ground, in all areas.
  • Improving an education system is a continual process based on qualitative and quantitative real time data. The consistent presence of field support teams ensures that management, feedback and resolution is consistent.
  • The  360-degree support includes experts in all aspects of education delivery including field-based quality assurance and professional development, IT support; data programme analysis, logistics and warehousing, community engagement, personnel oversight and measurement and evaluation.
  • The 360 degree support teams work across the entire education ecosystem to anticipate challenges and resolve emerging issues while monitoring classroom and school processes; technology and activity.

Civil Service Capacity Building

  • From the first day of programme implementation, NewGlobe executes a focused and carefully scaffolded programme of capacity-building for existing civil service support staff, creating a data-driven education support function that drives the improvements in student learning.
  • Supporting the Government to redesign and rebuild their education infrastructure to maximize performance and accountability.

Data-Driven Policy Advice and Implementation

  • Empowered with data on student performance and instructional delivery, governments are enabled to make data driven and evidence- informed policy decisions.
  • Civil service support and capacity building enhances government ability to to drive initiatives and interventions throughout education systems with fidelity.

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NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems