How girls’ education is the next great driver of human capital

World Population Day, July 11, aims to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. A theme for this year’s event is “how to safeguard health and rights of women and girls,” one that should draw attention towards education as both a fundamental human right and a means to uphold and advocate for one’s rights.

What Africa can teach the world about the role of data in education transformation

The African programs supported by NewGlobe, underpinned by real-time data gathering, consistently demonstrate substantial learning gains through evidence-based improvements. If these kinds of results could be replicated at scale across public systems, students across the globe could see huge learning gains, pushing countries up education league tables to match those with incomes three or four times greater per person, and further strengthening countries with robust systems.

The EKOEXCEL Situation Room: Unlocking the potential of visual data in education

The Situation Room highlights a NewGlobe program called Spotlight, which monitors real-time data, presenting it in a way that is easy to understand and focuses on key education indicators. With this, Lagos State education officials have transparency and oversight of the ongoing transformative educational interventions in EKOEXCEL schools.

Empowering foundations of learning pave the way for gender equity

This International Women’s Day, the world will celebrate the significant achievements and contributions of girls and women around the globe, and engage in discussion about gender equity. NewGlobe emphasizes the importance of having a strong focus on the foundation of equity and empowerment – education and the ability to learn.

NewGlobe Wins “Learning Provider of the Year” 2023 Award

The global learning leader received the accolade at the Learning Awards Finals 27th annual ceremony in London, attended by more than 800 finalists and leaders from across the world of learning and development.

NewGlobe secured the blue riband title in what judges said was 2023’s most competitive of categories, with “so many inspiring stories from across the globe.”

The ‘Learning Provider of the Year’ award acknowledges organizations that demonstrate approaches to overcoming key learning challenges with innovative approaches and high-impact solutions.