NewGlobe Wins “Learning Provider of the Year” 2023 Award

Press Release – NewGlobe is delighted to be 2023’s “Learning Provider of the Year”.

The global learning leader received the accolade at the Learning Awards Finals 27th annual ceremony in London, attended by more than 800 finalists and leaders from across the world of learning and development.

NewGlobe secured the blue riband title in what judges said was 2023’s most competitive of categories, with “so many inspiring stories from across the globe.”

The ‘Learning Provider of the Year’ award acknowledges organizations that demonstrate approaches to overcoming key learning challenges with innovative approaches and high-impact solutions.

Winners in other categories on the night included the World Health Organisation and Dell Technologies.

NewGlobe was the unanimous choice of the judges – including Alison Redpath, HSBC’s Global lead of Talent & Development –  as Learning Provider of The Year.

The judges’ citation said:

“NewGlobe is making a measurable difference not only to learners, but to society, and the future prospects of generations where it matters most. We were so moved by the winner that they had us all questioning whether we were doing enough in society ourselves. 

NewGlobe are harnessing the power of learning to impact better outcomes to people in the poorest parts of the globe. If you haven’t heard of them. You need to.”

Clement Uwajeneza, NewGlobe’s Africa Director, responded to the award win: 

“At NewGlobe, we strongly believe that every child deserves access to quality education, and we are honored to collaborate with visionary governments in countries like Nigeria, Rwanda, Liberia, and India, who share our commitment to ensure that children not only attend school, but also acquire valuable knowledge. 

Receiving this award is a tribute to the leadership of such governments, and serves as an inspiration for us to take action towards creating a better future for all children. The efforts of teachers, the driving force behind transforming any education system, are deeply valued at NewGlobe, and we will continue to support them to achieve their best.”

Currently, 70% of ten-year-olds in low and middle-income countries cannot read and understand a simple text according to a World Bank report. In sub-Saharan Africa, that figure is 90%, despite the majority being enrolled in school. The programs NewGlobe supports in the Global South are evidence that this can be changed, at pace and at scale. NewGlobe’s methodologies have been shown, through rigorous independent evaluation, to drive among the largest learning effects ever studied at scale. A study led by Professor Michael Kremer, Nobel Prize-winner for Economics 2019, found that primary students in Kenya taught using NewGlobe methods learn in two years what their peers learn in nearly three.

From left to right, host Claudia Winkleman presents the award to Brooklyn Banjoko and Marek Pruszewicz on behalf of NewGlobe.

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