Why EdoBEST is such a success

Why EdoBEST is such a success

Why EdoBEST is such a success

We believe that Edo State can set a great example for other states in Nigeria and even other countries. That is why Edo is part of the World Bank/UNICEF Accelerator Program.

I want to highlight three aspects of the EdoBEST programme that show its impact and its potential.

Firstly, the expanded use of technology. Since its inception in 2018, EdoBEST was conceived as a whole system reform approach that leverages modern digital technologies backed by the science of learning to improve the teaching and learning processes.

Second, the understanding that technology on its own is critical but not enough. It is about combining technology with the human factor. In Edo for example the deployment of tablets with scripted lessons has been accompanied with a lot of support for teachers through practical teacher training and the presence of quality assurance officers.

Third, Edo has been very fast at adapting to the reality of COVID-19. EdoBEST@home incorporated digital self-study packets distributed via WhatsApp, interactive quizzes, digital story books and lesson guides delivered to parents are all interesting innovations.

We all need to continue learning about remote technologies, but this shows that mitigating the impacts of shocks like the pandemic is possible where there is enough commitment.

Investing in human capital in the education of our children is critical for their welfare and well-being, but is also instrumental in fostering innovation and long-term growth and development.

A highly skilled workforce with higher wages is more innovative and productive and copes better with economic shocks. In today’s world, we need that more than ever.

Taken from a message of goodwill from Jaime Saavedra for the official celebrations of the EdoBEST programme’s third anniversary, 28th June 2021.

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