Spotlight is a system that provides a comprehensive overview of key macro and micro indicators of classroom behaviours, from various learning outcomes to attendance. The system is designed for a range of devices and intermittent network connectivity, with the capacity to be ‘offline-first’.

The Process

In line with the World Bank’s EdTech Strategy, Spotlight allows NewGlobe to effectively engage the ecosystem at scale in order to drive the common goal of improving learning outcomes. The application connects ministries, government officials and education partners with the classroom, providing transparency at scale to NewGlobe and its stakeholders.


Spotlight ensures accountability to the needs of our education partners. Access to the dashboard provides instant insights into the breadth and depth of NewGlobe’s operations. Equally, managers across territories can leverage this technology to continually adapt and optimise local operations, whilst providing positive feedback to areas of success. 

The software utilises the continuous stream of data that is collected through NewGlobe’s technological suite. This provides actionable insights that help the accomplishment of key performance indicators, whilst working to drive problem-solving and novel intervention testing. Spotlight also works to inform all levels of the organization about the performance of its operations, highlighting problem areas to spur resolutions and empowering staff to enact necessary changes. 

The dashboard will automatically highlight where key performance indicators have shown improvement or depreciation, using graphical trend data where necessary. The software will illustrate a comparative analysis of schools within a territory, providing different levels of data access depending on the level of management. This will enable valuable conversations between staff to take action on problem areas. Access to this information will be tailored to school, organisational level and territory to ensure only the relevant insights are provided to the user.

All of NewGlobe’s bespoke software is engineered to be integrated and holistic, providing a multi-faceted approach to drive learning outcomes at scale.