Let’s Mark

Let’s Mark is a tool provided to NewGlobe-supported programs which use image capture technology to automate marking. Using the provided smartphones, teachers can scan student assessments to quickly correct answers and simultaneously record their results. To ensure teachers can use this tool effectively, induction training is provided to all teaching staff. The app includes training materials comprising a simulated ‘Assessment Practice’ school that allows teachers to practise utilising the application.

The Process

Let’s Mark increases the reliability and accuracy of recorded student scores, whilst reducing the administrative time taken to correct assessments manually. The tool works to improve the efficiency of classroom time whilst giving visibility to learning outcomes to external stakeholders. By recording every answer provided by students, the application enables significant insights into every level of the public education system; from the performance of individual students to the efficacy of whole programmes.


This granular visibility gives stakeholders an opportunity to conduct a thorough analysis of different territories, schools and public education systems. Equally, students and parents are informed of progress, with an up-to-date depiction of the child’s performance. 

A joint UNESCO, UNICEF and World Bank report on the State of the Global Education Crisis stated “to tackle the learning crisis, countries must first address the learning data crisis”. Addressing student learning levels is a priority in order to take action on refining effective instruction and accelerating improved learning outcomes. The frequent challenges attributed to this include expense, repeatability and procedural or logistic difficulties for the teachers. The Let’s Mark tool is highly accessible and implementable at scale. The application is tailored to improve reliable data collection and ultimately increase the use of data to inform instruction and wider policy.

The Measurement & Evaluation team at NewGlobe can further utilise this data to conduct large-scale studies that target and adapt instruction. Dedicated teams formulate various interventions with the potential to transform learning outcomes, which can then be tested at scale using Let’s Mark to monitor the efficacy. This system ensures continual improvement in the implementation of NewGlobe’s methodology across the national and sub-national governments that it supports.