School Leadership App

Effective school leadership has a decisive impact on learning outcomes, affecting resource allocation, the school environment and the quality of instruction. Headteachers and school leaders play a crucial role in making schools accountable for learning.


School management capacity is found to be most limited in lower-income countries, whereby teacher absenteeism is rife and instructional quality is impacted. School leadership support can play a significant role in nurturing the school ecosystem and driving learning gains.

At NewGlobe-supported schools, trained Supervisors and Head Teachers are provided smartphones with tailored software installed. NewGlobe offers regular technical support and updates to all supported software, both on- and off-site. Equally, all staff are trained in the use of software and hardware. 

The provided School Leadership application facilitates different management functions and effectively equips varying School Leaders with accessible data overseeing school performance. It enables senior staff to optimally monitor key metrics like lesson completion and delivery quality for both individual teachers and entire academies for comparison. Over time, the app highlights improvement areas using a color-coded interface, allowing for constructive feedback and actionable guidance, which also works to strengthen the quality of Long and Short Observations. Here, the School Leadership app functions as a coaching tool, supporting teachers in areas of difficulty and improving teacher-learning interactions.

Additionally, the School Leadership app is a vital tool for Headteachers to observe and subsequently enhance overall school performance. Teacher tablets can sync with the app, meaning pupil performance and teacher attendance can be actively tracked. The application has multifarious tools that facilitate the Headteacher’s operational responsibilities. The School Leadership App, therefore, provides critical support for Headteachers in effective school management.

NewGlobe is uniquely positioned by its technology-led platform, facilitating rigorous data analysis and accountability to stakeholders that are partisans of learning outcomes. Data-driven improvements to the provided software enable continuous improvement in supporting school staff to drive learning gains.