The History of NewGlobe

NewGlobe is growing and developing fast. The organization has been on a journey from proof-of-concept community school programs, to participating in national multi-partner public-private partnerships, acting as technical service delivery partners to statewide programs at scale, and ultimately supporting national government transformation programs.

The Start of NewGlobe

  • NewGlobe was founded in 2007. In 2009 it opened its first community school program, Bridge International Academies, Kenya. Over the next six years, it grew across the country, opening community schools in the majority of Kenya’s counties, and becoming recognized globally for the Bridge International Academies model.
  • In 2015, NewGlobe expanded its community school Bridge programming into new territories – Uganda and Nigeria. It also entered students into Kenya’s national end of primary exit exams (KCPE) for the first time.

Expanding NewGlobe

  • NewGlobe expanded beyond Africa in 2016. It opened its first program in Andhra Pradesh, India, as part of a government infrastructure partnership designed to turn dilapidated buildings into high-performing community schools.
  • The same year, NewGlobe supported a program for Syrian children in a Beirut refugee camp; testing the model as a mechanism to deliver education in emergencies.
  • The following year, NewGlobe began supporting its first public-private partnership, as one of eight non-state actors in the Partnership Schools for Liberia program, which became LEAP (Liberia Education Advancement Program).
  • In 2017, NewGlobe began a four-year pilot program with the Borno state government; supporting education for internationally displaced persons; and out-of-school children.
  • In 2018, NewGlobe started working at a statewide level in Nigeria; as the only technical partner to EdoBEST, a full-scale government transformation program in Edo State.
  • NewGlobe expanded into China, supporting the Guizhou Provincial Government and its county education bureau.
  • NewGlobe also launched the Learning Collaborative, which focused on applied research in schools for the public good.
  • In 2019, following the transformational success of its inaugural statewide program EdoBEST, NewGlobe took on a second statewide level partnership in Nigeria, supporting the Lagos State Government’s EKOEXCEL program.
  • In 2020, NewGlobe announced a brand realignment. Previously known publicly by its inaugural program – Bridge International Academies – it re-aligned its brand hierarchy to more accurately represent its diverse and growing portfolio of programming.
  • NewGlobe became the technical partner of a transformative national government program in Rwanda in 2021, RwandaEQUIP.
  • In 2022 NewGlobe added support of an additional Nigerian statewide transformation program to its portfolio, the KwaraLEARN program in Kwara State.
  • The same year, NewGlobe announced its first India state-wide transformation program as a technical partner to the Government of Manipur, launching STAR Education.
  • A ground-breaking study by a Nobel Prize winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer, is unveiled at the Education World Forum. It finds ‘among the largest learning gains ever measured in international education’ in NewGlobe supported schools.
  • NewGlobe’s methodology has been widely studied – by external researchers and academics – consistently evidencing improved learning outcomes at a school and system-wide level:
  • 95% of the students NewGlobe supports are in Government program public schools.

Transformative Learning


Doubled rate of learning in Numeracy in eight weeks

70% vs 25%

Accelerated reading fluency to 70% vs 25% for other Low Income Countries


More than doubled percentage of teachers present in the classroom in one year


17% increase in public school enrollment in two years.

A Powerful Technology Enabled System

NewGlobe delivers an integrated end to end solution designed to enhance learning and transform education systems